Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dreams I Had When I Was Pregnant

I had a few dreams about the babies when I was pregnant.

I shared this one on my twins blog because it was really sweet:

I was pretty pregnant (I didn't look as big as I think I will by the end). I saw a calendar and was counting the days. There were about 5 days until my due date of October 15th. October 15th isn't set in stone, but it is my 37 week mark and that is the time they usually plan a c-section with twins. So, I have the babies. It doesn't seem too bad (which is definitely a dream because having a couple of babies pulled out of your tummy via an incision won't be a walk in the park). Then comes the best part...I see them. They are beautiful and they look exactly the same. They have perfect noses, sweet mouths, beautiful eyes, some hair, and are just so precious. Then I find out that one is a boy and one is a girl.

It's really weird because I had the babies early in my dream. I ended up having them 10 days earlier. The c-section wasn't that bad. I did have a boy and a girl and they did look a lot alike according to the nurse and from what I could tell by Alexis' ultrasound picture and Nathan's newborn picture. Both of them had perfect noses, sweet mouths, some hair, and were precious. Nathan has beautiful eyes and I would imagine Alexis did as well. That dream was pretty close.

I had these two weird dreams that I didn't share with too many people because I didn't think they would matter:

In the first dream, I dreamt we were at church and went to pick the babies up from the nursery but there was only one baby. I don't know who it was but I was upset because there was only one baby.

In the second dream, Lee, Luke, and I were in a big city (like New York City) pushing a stroller and walking around. I went to look in the stroller and we only had Nathan with us.

It's just so weird that I had two dreams about only having one baby and in at least one of them it was only Nathan. I don't know if dreams can really tell us anything, but it seems in this case they were on point. So strange.


  1. I understand what you mean about dreams and God sending messages. While I don't have the gift of prophecy, I have had some prophetic dreams. The one with which I wrestle the most, is dream where a black lady, shaved head and clothed in white linen, asked me if I had visions. I told her "yes" and then she proclaimed that were were having a son and would do so naturally. I argued with her, of course and told her she didn't know what she was talking about. In my dream, I see why she asked me if I had visions, it was because she was the vision. Two ultrasounds of the three have said "girl". I believe we are having a girl, but I wouldn't be surprised, if we had a surprise. Some dreams are so real to us. Beth Moore, in the Patriarchs admits, that prophecy in dreams is something she has asked for, but has not been given. I know you're mulling over all the details of your recent journey. What a warrior; working out your salvation in fear and trembling!

  2. It is amazing how the Lord comforts us in all ways. Even though the dreams may or may not be 'prophetic' they are comforting you now.

    Days, Months, Years from now, someone will be comforted by your story, by your blog, by your grief stricken account of all that you are going through now.